Amsterdam’s Only Tourist Boat Ferry To Pampus and Castle Muiderslot

If you have more than a short stay in Amsterdam, or are a returning visitor who has already seen the major in-town sights, or you are one of those people who like to do something that your friends back home will say, “Wow, I didn’t know that was possible!” then you’re going to want to know about this unusual opportunity to visit some of our historical spots in a way that most foreign tourists never will. If you want the story just in pictures, please scroll right down till you hit them. I don’t mind 🙂


Only when you go visit Muiderslot by boat excursion can you enjoy such beautiful unspoiled views of this amazing medieval castle. Prepare to disembark maties!

Muiderslot is a place that many foreign tourists do get to while Pampus is a place that hardly any foreign visitor will even know about. In the case of Pampus, it is sadly so poorly marketed to foreign tourists that I could only find one decent English language page from Iamsterdam.


Both places are really worthy of a visit and now there’s even a better reason to plan a visit to one of these places – Amsterdam Boat Excursions – and that’s what I want to bring to your attention.

Its now been possible for quite a while I discovered to take a lovely and relaxing open water cruise from Amsterdam’s stunning and newest nautical neighborhood called Ijburg to either Pampus or Muiderslot. And that’s just what I did today to test it out. Here are some details and following that there’s a bunch of pictures I took today so you can know what to expect.


The boat ferry runs Tuesdays thru Sundays from April 1 – October 31 with the high season of May 1 – September 30 enjoying more daily departures (see timetable). The two guys who run this venture (and many other nautical activities with their company Rederij het Ij) are experienced, hands-on, enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated nautical professionals.

The boat left its berth at Ijburg marina (see Google maps) across from the great cafe restaurant NAP precisely at 11 AM with about 40 persons on board. This morning it was mostly families with young kids heading for Pampus plus me and two grandparents with their two grandkids heading for Castle Muiderslot. The boat sails a circular route – first 50 minutes to drop off the Pampus passengers and then another 20 minutes to deposit the castle goers at a dedicated pier right behind the castle (which beats the very long walk for those tourists coming by land-bound public transportation). And at the appointed time, about 2.5 hours later, there they were to pick us up at the castle, after having first picked up the folks at Pampus, for the 30 minute trip back to Amsterdam.


For all the information on this fun and unusual way to get to Pampus or Muiderslot, check out their website!!! So enough talking, here’s the pictures from the next page…

To get to the boat, take tram 26 from Central Station to the last stop on Ijburg (Ijburg stop). Cross the street, walk 150 meters between these two impressive buildings and you’ll be at Ijburg’s small and charming marina

When you get to the marina, turn left along this quay and you will see the boat moored against the far quay right across from a great cafe restaurant NAP where you can get some coffee and eats before or after your excursion.

I sailed today on the Independent III, one of the two ships they use. It has a covered seating area, toilet and small bar with coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer and snacks, all extremely reasonably priced.

The following pictures are what I saw today sailing to and from the castle. Some speak for themselves and on a few I’ve added some comments

A view of Amsterdam’s newest nautical neighborhood Ijburg. Several years ago Ijburg was all water. You know that Dutch trick of reclaiming land from the sea?

Approaching our first stop for the folks visiting Pampus

In the channel leading to the castle Muiderslot is a marina with many classic Dutch sailing boats, including the private classic tjalk owned by our Royal Highness

As you get close to the castle, I suggest you be on the port (left) side. As you pass this old wreck of what looks like a pirate ship, the beautiful medieval castle Muiderslot will come into view. Only by coming by water can you get such beautiful views like this!

The Independent III coming to pick us up at the castle at the appointed time

Your trip will begin and end passing through the lock out of and into Ijburg marina

~ by Leonard on August 15, 2012.

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