Random Thoughts Between Malaysia and Laos

When your mind has nothing in particular to do, the space is created for random images to generate random thoughts. Is that necessarily a good thing? I don’t know. You can be the judge of that. But it works for me….

I guess although ‘retired’ from the biz, my ad man’s eye still catches a good ad strategy and media buy when I see one. Imagine, you have just checked in for your discount airline AirAsia flight at the off-site dedicated Low Cost Carrier Terminal at Kuala Lumpur’s International Airport. As you’re waiting in an atmosphere that can best be described as organized (for the most part) chaos, you see this huge wall poster from Malaysia Airlines, one of the world’s best airlines, who doesn’t even fly from this terminal. But who does offer everything you are about to do without or have had to pay extra for. I should have done an impromptu market research to see how many people noticed the poster and how many are going to consider trading up to Malaysia Airlines the next time they have to fly.

After 55 years of living and 44 years of flying

I am happy and proud to say that my childlike fascination with flying and seeing clouds up there is as strong as ever.

Some cloud said, “Oh yeah, well I’m going to go get my big brother who kind of looks like the head of an animal, so you better watch out!”

The world usually looks so pastoral and idyllic when viewed from a distance like this stretch of rural south eastern Thai coastline on the South China Sea. Beachfront property at a bargain price if the occasional racial strife of southern Thailand or incidental typhoon doesn’t bother you.

Is a bird’s eye view sufficient to really know what’s going on or understand a certain situation?

How close do we need to get to see the real picture?

And how close do we want to get, do we dare to get, before the intimacy and confrontation is too much to simply look and walk away from anymore?

Like I said, random images can lead to random thoughts or are they not so random?

~ by Leonard on October 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Random Thoughts Between Malaysia and Laos”

  1. Wowwwww sweetie you said it all !!!!! Filled my heart once more full off love !!!

  2. Thanks Simonne.. we need to help each other with hearts full of love as much as possible in this gone crazy world 🙂

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